The National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters or NAATI CCL tests your ability to communicate at a community level between two languages (English and language other than English). Completing the NAATI CCL Test from NAATI allows the test takers to add five bonus points to their  PR file, under Credentialed Community Language (CCL) points.

     What Is Different At Wings Education For NAATI CCL Coaching In Brisbane?

    Online and Offline NAATI CCL Coaching: 

    At Wings Education, we offer both online and offline NAATI-CCL courses. We work towards delivering the best quality of our coaching to the students, and we help them to clear the NAATI CCL exam on first attempt.

    One-On-One Sessions with the trainer:

    , we provide mandatory personal sessions for each student to enhance the performance. Our trainers and staff members are friendly and well-equipped. And these One-on-one sessions will help you in improving and clearing your doubts. So, when you are looking for NAATI coaching, we are your foothold.

    Free Demonstration classes:

    At Wings Education, we allow you to attend the live NAATI class to give you a look into our NAATI training course, which helps you to choose us as your NAATI test preparation course centre in Brisbane. After the demo class, our trainer will do the expectations set with you and give you a plan for preparation. .

    Feedback and detailed analysis for writing tasks: 

    At Wings Education, we understand that feedback is  very important. So, our qualified trainers review and provide feedback on your attempted tasks. This regular  feedback improves your performance and sharpens your skills. 

    Regular Monitoring: 

    At Wings Education, we set weekly targets and then we keep a close tab on your growth curve to ensure that you are able to clear this test and add 5 points to your PR file. .

    Mock test simulation: 

    We regularly conduct mock tests to check your development. We simulate the real- exam environment e to prepare you for facing and controlling the anxiety.

    Six days a week: 

    We work six days a week and are open from 10 am till 7 pm, so you may attend regular classes. We are devoted to your NAATI-CCL test preparation and our glorious results in the past are our proof.

    Flexible timings: 

    We care for your time and believe  that every person has different priorities and working time shifts, so we have flexible timings to help you in your preparation and eventually clear this test.


    NAATI – CCL is a community language test which if passed, can help students achieve 5 points for migration purposes in Australia.

    What Comprises In The Test?

    The format of the exam is set up with two dialogue sets being exchanged between an English Speaker and a Language other than English (LOTE) speaker. During the test, there will be a pause to record your interpretation of the dialogue.

    Wings Methodology For Naati

    We can assist you with booking your NAATI CCL test and will guide you through the process to get your desired dates.

    Enrol For Our NAATI-CCL Masterclass

    If you are looking to get your NAATI-CCL certification, our NAATI-CCL Masterclass will be the perfect way for you to do it. This program is designed to provide all the necessary skills, knowledge, and support needed for you to excel in the NAATI test.

    We have experienced trainers  who are enthusiastic about helping you succeed,  and will guide you through each step of the NAATI process. Our unique approach to learning ensures that students are not only equipped with the required knowledge but also become familiar with the hurdles of the NAATI test and pass them successfully.

    The Masterclass has been developed to meet all your needs and prepare you for success. We provide our students with teaching material, practice tests, and resources tailored to help them reach their desired goals.

    So enrol today and get ready to learn from our team of passionate trainers.

    We can help you to gain the knowledge and skills needed for your NAATI certification!

    Study Anywhere with Our NAATI Online Training

    NAATI Online Training Courses are designed to help you gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful interpreter or translator. Our courses provide comprehensive coverage of the topics required for NAATI accreditation.

    Our online training material is easy to follow and includes interactive activities, practice exercises, and audio clips to help you gain the skills required for accreditation. The content is broken down into manageable sections, allowing you to learn at your own pace and focus on areas of interest.

    At the end of each course, you will be able to demonstrate your understanding by completing a comprehensive test. Our experts will assess your test and provide feedback so you can continue to improve and gain the skills necessary for the accreditation.


    With limited online practice material, preparing for CCL can be an arduous task, which can be simplified if you work smart and use the resources available on the official website to their maximum. That’s where we step in by bridging the gap, simulating the practical experience of the test, and facilitating the preparation of this test.

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