Personal One-On-One attention

Wings Education is the only institute in Australia that caters to individual needs by giving one-on-one . The lessons not only deal with based on PTEIELTS or NAATI questions but also tackle basic warm lessons like basic grammar, tenses, parts of speech, homophones and vocabulary bank.

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So far, Wings Education has helped more than 6000 students gain success in their PTE, IELTS or NAATI tests. Students all around the world have provided testimonials that speak for themselves.

Special Pronunciation and Grammar classes

We at Wings Education, understand that each student is a different learner. And we respect each learner the way they are. To help students who are struggling with the basics of the language, we help them with special pronunciation and grammar classes.

Tried and Tested methods, Tips and Strategies


At Wings Education, our methodology is tried and tested with time. Our training modules are tailored to meet the individual needs of students from varied backgrounds. Under the guidance of an experienced director and highly trained staff we assure to uplift you from where you are to where you want to be.

The daily structure includes:

· Warm-up sessions-Revise spellings/vocabulary testing/revise basic grammar

· Lesson-PTE Based lesson on any one or two modules

· Practice tests-on the special practice portal

· Discuss feedback, one-on-one and  small groups.

Daily practice mock tests in a hi-tech computer Lab

Wings Education staff believes that only giving lessons and templates is not enough. After a PTE lesson, the students get opportunity to practice what they have been taught. The students sit in the daily tests on the PTE special app that is a simulation of real PTE test. For IELTS, there are special resources that help students boost their scores. This way the students’ confidence is boosted and they are able to apply what they have learnt.

Additional Doubt Sessions and free mock tests

Wings Education helps students with an additional doubt sessions-One on One PTE related questions, tips and strategies. Sectional and full mock tests provide extra guidance for the real test. Regardless of your level of English,, at Wings we will help you get your desired scores.

Experienced teachers

Wings Education comprises trainers who are high achievers themselves. They undergo special PTE, IELTS, NAATI related training to hone their skills. The structure followed at Wings Education is implemented by all the trainers which brings uniformity, thus making it easier for students to grasp PTE related  concepts. What’s more, they help students improve both academically and personally.

Goal Setting

Something very unique to Wings Education, goal setting is a brainchild of experts. The students are provided by a goal setting sheet in which they self reflect how they are performing in a given span of time.


About us?

Wings Education is the only institute in Queensland that caters to individual needs by giving one on one personal attention. The lessons are not only based on PTE, IELTS or NAATI questions, but also tackle basic warm lessons like basic grammar, tenses, parts of speech, homophones and vocabulary bank.
Our dedicated and highly professional staff gets to know the students and helps them build their goals. They know how hard to push them and challenge the students to achieve their highest potential. We make a difference by encouraging our students to aim high and have high expectations as a learner.