IELTS Coaching For Sydney Aspirants

IELTS in Sydney

Struggling to get your IELTS score in Sydney? The capital of New South Wales, Sydney is the hub of education and industry. In a year, large number of people migrate to Sydney. All the international migrants have to attempt IELTS test in Sydney if they aspire to upgrade their visa or go for some university study. IELTS is a test in which there are four modules namely Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. Your proficiency in English language is tested for non-native speakers, who intend to work and study in an English-speaking environment.

For IELTS in Sydney, why Wings Education?

Wings education is one of the best IELTS institute in Sydney. We ensure that you get an opportunity to be trained from highly experienced IELTS teachers who have made a difference in their respective careers. We provide a favourable learning environment with flexible online and face to face classes. It allows you to access our classes from anywhere in Australia. Our teaching faculties are well versed with a plan of action to provide a learning environment that would enhance and encourage the confidence of a pupil to achieve their desired scores. They will test and analyse your potential and guide you accordingly.

Highly qualified seasoned trainers –

Our teaching faculties provide a plan to improve the student’s performance and encourage them to achieve their desired scores. New methodologies are introduced to broaden your skills.

We care for you –

We offer students personal one-on- one sessions to clear doubts and give consistent feedback on their work which reassures their confidence and provides clarity and conviction before the actual IELTS test.

Recent test questions-

Prediction questions in all modules are given as a form of practice, students are marked, and their performance analysed. It helps them to anticipate and prepare with certainty. 

IELTS Writing tasks one and Task 2

Writing tasks can be a huge challenge, we provide special tips sand strategies based on the IELTS marking criteria.

Vocabulary sessions

New and better words are given to them every day to enhance their lexical resource while writing essays. It helps them to write logically and coherently without being repetitive.

Grammar Sessions–

Students are taught the methods of paraphrasing by using complex form of sentences, they are also instructed to use appropriate tenses while writing and speaking

Speaking mock test

Speaking mock tests are held daily to upskill on the four criteria’s such as fluency of speech, grammatical accuracy, vocabulary and pronunciation.

Regular Mock test –

We conduct weekly based mock tests to track your progress and assist you to work on those areas, where you need to put in that extra effort. 

Set goals with you and help achieve scores –

With the help of our expert teachers, exceptional coaching and guidance, students can prepare and set parameters for themselves to obtain their desired scores.