Unable to evaluate your performance in PTE and find out the areas that need improvement? Why not join our Brisbane PTE study centre or online PTE classes for a complete solution? We know preparing for the PTE test may be challenging. But our highly qualified and experienced trainers understand what it takes to make you take the test with confidence in a matter of months. 

We conduct intermittent tests to evaluate your potential and the areas of improvement. In addition, we will determine the most appropriate tips and strategies that will work in your case. Our specific feedback and personalised techniques have helped many students pass PTE, achieving their goals quickly and successfully, and we will do the same for you.

What Our PTE Coaching Brisbane Includes

As specialist PTE courses in Brisbane, we provide the best platform for mastering the success tips and techniques to help you qualify for your PTE test. In addition, our series of practise tests right before your exams boost your self-confidence level. 

In addition, our classroom and online coaching classes focus on enhancing your English language skills so that you can achieve the desired score. We are a team of certified PTE trainers dedicated to improving all the four areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening required to qualify for the actual exam. 

If you enrol for our PTE classes, you will get:

  • Structured coaching and guidance with classroom-based delivery (Theory), Lab-based delivery (Application) and tests to check your understanding
  • Real-time lab facilities in all our centres for you to take the test and practice
  • The test includes an individual test (speaking, writing, listening and reading)
  • Mock Test – with a detailed breakdown of your test performance
  • Latest material, question bank and proven techniques to solve questions 
  • Study plan to help you keep the life, work and study balance
  • Follow up when you finish each stage of the course
  • Review your written (essay and spoken test)
  • Breakdown of the scoring parameters for all sections
  • Tips and tricks to enhance your scores and skills
  • Strategies to assist you with recovery and keep you focused during the test
  • What to look for and how to avoid mistakes 
  • Personalised solutions to keep you focused throughout your PTE Test
  • Motivating environment and inspiring study groups.

Why Choose Our PTE In Brisbane?

At Wings Education, we plan and design our courses keeping your background and control over the subject matter and needs in mind. As a result, you will get various options and the liberty to choose the course that best fit your English proficiency level, budget, and schedule. 

As a renowned name in the PTE tutorial industry, we know the role of your attention and engagement is to perform well in your test and score maximum. Therefore, we offer unique and advanced techniques, making it easy for you to score higher. 

Though there are many reasons why you should choose us for getting the desired success in PTE exams, some specialties that make us the number one choice of many are:

Customised training that focuses on one-on-one attention

Our PTE training is not just about teaching, but more than that. We don’t feel our job is complete unless each student understands the concept, which is essential for qualifying for a highly competitive exam like PTE. So, we take an intermittent test to evaluate your progress. Based on the result, we design customised training modules that are highly interactive. It will engage your focus and help you boost your weak areas. 

Highly qualified and experienced faculties

Wings Education is known for its rich history. It’s a name that stands for quality, innovation, and success in PTE. All credit goes to our professionals whose hands-on experience and specialisation help meet our students’ expectations. They have a solution for all your issues. They know how to use tried and tested methodology to uplift your potential and skills and create a motivating learning environment to make you ready for success.

Additional doubt sessions for extra guidance 

We offer additional doubt sessions, where you can ask one on one PTE related questions to clear your doubts. It gives extra guidance and confidence to face the real test. In addition, we will create a personalised timetable based on your convenience to offer a smooth and systematic learning experience with the best utilisation of your time.

Book Our Free Demo Classes

We use many PTE practice software that filters data to generate the monthly PTE prediction file and helps students take PTE mock tests. It will prepare you for the PTE test in Australia and around the world.

Call us on 0492 947 890 to book our free demo classes. You can also fill out the contact form to connect with our consultant.

Why Choose – Wings Education Centre in Brisbane?

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