What is NAATI CCL?

To ascertain whether a candidate demonstrates the skills necessary to function as a translation or interpreter in Australia, the NAATI Certification System was developed. The accreditation of interpreters and translators gives clients who hire them the confidence that they can communicate effectively with both English and non-English speakers.

Naati test is taken by the candidates who want to apply for a points-based visa. It is conducted in 48 different languages, and you can choose the language based on your comfort and convenience. If you successfully pass the test, you will gain extra five points. The tests are taken online. Hence, you can appear from the test from anywhere across the world.

NAATI CCL Coaching In Perth

Perth is the capital of Western Australia. The international students who move to Perth require to upskill themselves and NAATI CCL helps them to get extra 5 points for their visa. There are no training modules or courses offered by NAATI to help candidates prepare for the exams. However, at Wings Education, we provide the Coaching and training facilities at our best for the student. We are the team of dedicated professional to help people to achieve excellence in NAATI CCL in Perth.


We provide professional coaching and the best study materials to help NAATI candidates secure those bonus 5 points for their visa. Enrolling with us, you will have the option of online coaching and regular classroom training to choose from. You can choose between them depending on your convenience and requirement. In addition, we offer crash course programs and advanced courses to suit your NAATI coaching needs and affordability.

What Is Different At Wings Education NAATI CCL Coaching?

We are differently awesome at NAATI because we don’t only provide you material and guidance but also help you to stay motivated and inspire you to be best you can. Our practice session will encourage you staying focused and be on top of your goal.

Dialogues and Vocabulary practice

The NAATI test formant includes two dialogue recordings – each recording represents a conversation between two speakers. One speaks a native English language, and the other speaks a native Language Other Than English (LOTE). The dialogues generally consist of 300 words – half are in English, and the other half are in a native language other than English. 

At Wings Education, we insist our students for regular dialogues and vocabulary practice to get perfection. Then, we take the tests to assess your listening, speaking, and interpreting ability from English to other native languages and vice versa. It will help you to face the actual exam confidently with the maximum chances of scoring high. 

Helping students set up for the real test. 

The trainers at Wings Education help the students create a set up for the real test. They provide complete information and support so that the students aren’t anxious about the test set up. 

Regular online and face-to-face classes

Regular online face to face session will allow both student and mentor to focus on the weak point and help people improve in what they are lacking and what area they have to practice more.

Timings are flexible

We understand the hustle and bustle of your busy life that’s why we have tailored our courses to work around you instead of you chasing up on us. We have wonderful admin team, and they can help you schedule your one-on-one support and get the video recordings of the classes. We are just one phone call away for all the help you require.

Consistent mock tests

Try and try again until you reach your Aim. We will never let you down because with us with you can book as many mock tests as you want. We will help you practice more and more till you become proficient at it. 

Students at wings education are always motivated and supported in their academic goal. We at wings education Perth provide you classes for NAATI CCL languages such as Punjabi, Hindi, Nepalese, Spanish, Telugu, and we have language specialist in all these languages. You can choose from our range of services in your suitable time.

One-On-One Sessions with The Trainer

You can expect a mandatory personal session when you opt for the NAATI test preparation course at Wings Education. By doing so for each student, we improve their confidence and performance. In addition, our One-On-One sessions allow each student to clear their doubt regarding any module. Moreover, we are well-equipped for taking these types of sessions. So, if you want NAATI coaching, we can be your foothold.  

Detailed Analysis and Feedback 

At Wings Education, performance feedbacks are a crucial part of our coaching. So, our trainers evaluate your attempted tasks and provide feedback. Our idea behind regular feedback is to sharpen your skills and improve your performance. 

Our Online And Off Line NAATI CCL Coaching

If you are a beginner and want to take our online NAATI course, our advantage course can be ideal for you. However, if you reappear for the exam in the same month, you can go for our crash course. Furthermore, all those who want to prepare for the NAATI CCL test but cannot attend physical classes daily can choose our online coaching classes. Our online coaching comprises live sessions, additional doubt clearing sessions and complete class recordings for your reference. As a result, here, you can appear for the online practice test, weekly mock tests and one-on-one feedback sessions to prepare better for the actual NAATI examination.   

We also provide classroom coaching both for beginners and students who have appeared for the examination. Our well-qualified and experienced trainers offer in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and practice sessions and conduct mock tests to make you clear the NAATI test on the first attempt. Furthermore, you will also receive free access to an online practice test, which can help you analyse your weaknesses and work on them better. 

What Benefits Can You Get From Our NAATI CCL Coaching Classes?

Wings Education gives you many reasons to choose us for your NAATI preparation. Some of them are:

  • Improve Language Skills

Enrolling with Wings Education allows you unlimited dialogue practice, meaning interpretation, and translation sessions. It will brush up your language proficiency and improve it, making you confident for the test.      

  • Comprehensive Vocabulary

We have designed a comprehensive vocab bank to help our students learn and expand their vocabulary. This vocab bank will help them prepare better for the NAATI test and also improve how they communicate with others daily. 

  • Improvement In Formal Speaking

We will teach language register attribute management. Thus, once you complete your coaching, you will become proficient in the formal aspect of your speaking. Therefore, it will not only help in clearing the NAATI exams but also help you in the long run.

  • Real Exam-like Experience

We conduct uncountable mock tests to make our students get the experience of a real exam-like environment. In addition, we believe that the more mock tests you take, the better you will be able to face the challenges of the actual examination.

  • Best Learning Practices

With us, you will experience an independent form of learning. We offer different programs to create better learning practices for our students. Here, you will learn how to manage your time effectively and utilise the resources available to you.

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