What is NAATI CCL?

NAATI is National Accreditation Authority for translators and interpreters. This test is the marker for a candidate’s language proficiency in translation and interpretation. The NAATI Certification System is the test that tests the clarity, cohesion and accuracy in translation and Interpretation.

The passing score on the NATTI test is 63 out of 90. There are two sections, each of which covers 45 points in total. Translation and interpretation are included in each part.

NAATI Coaching in Melbourne

The NAATI CCL is taught in Melbourne using online classes and remote support, Thanks to Wings Education. Melbourne is an academic city of Australia. Our highly effective professors and wonderfully scheduled sessions allow us to guide the students to get the ideal NAATI test scores in Melbourne. Each student’s academic aptitude is assessed at wings education NAATI coaching in Melbourne Online. The students are given support and guidance as they work to acquire the required NAATI score.

What is different at Wings education NAATI coaching?

Our tailored course will inspire the student on how to explore, validate and implement the content. At NAATI CCL online coaching in Melbourne, We equip students with various methodologies while training and our friendly staff will facilitate a welcoming environment for people therefore, every student will stay motivated to participate in a productive way.  

NAATI CCL in Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Nepali and Telugu 

We have the facilitators available at our NAATI CCL online coaching in Melbourne for numerous Languages such as Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Nepali and Telugu. We provide a special study guidebook for each language and highly professional linguists are available for your assistance. 

Setting up for a real test

We introduce students to mock tests, allowing them to experience how the real test looks and teaching them to set up the system. Our tech-savvy administrative staff are available 10 to 7 Monday to Friday therefore, you can get e virtual assistance while you enjoy the comfort of home.

Dialogues and Vocabulary in all topics

Our experienced linguists have designed the dialogues and vocabulary for the extensive practice session so that students will be more confident for the exam.

Regular Online Classes

We provide regular NAATI CCl online classes that teach you and help you be more interactive and help you learn using the real-time facilities. The online classes are set with limited students so that every student can participate while they learn and be more proactive.

Follow up on each student

Our friendly and dedicated team will follow up on all the enrolled students to guide them all along the way to secure the required scores and help them practice effectively by providing all the required material and academic support. 

Personalised lessons for clearing Doubts.

We have doubt-clearing sessions where students can do one-on-one online sessions and be clear about the topic. The students can book a one-on-one session at the centre.