IELTS is the world’s famous English-language proficiency test for study, work, and migration. It is accepted by most colleges, universities, and professional organisations across Australia. A candidate can choose IELTS Academic test if he wishes to seek a professional registration or want to study at post-graduate or undergraduate levels.

If you want to seek professional training, migrate to Australia, or study, you will have to score the qualifying marks on the IELTS test. Wings Education provides quality IELTS coaching in Darwin and other suburbs of Australia. We offer both offline and regular classroom coaching, so you can choose the one depending on your convenience. 

What We Offer In Our IELTS Course?

If you enrol in our IELTS course, we ensure that you will be given the expected guidance for each examination segment. We will prepare you for your reading, listening, and speaking language tests. It will enable you to attempt each test part confidently, maximising your chances of success.

Since we have been in the IELTS coaching industry for years, we know what the IELTS Examiners look for while testing your speaking, listening, and writing skills. Therefore, we will share all details with you and guide you correctly so that you can understand these points and be careful while appearing for the examination. 

In addition, we share tips and strategies to solve your issues in General and Academic modules and Computer-Based Exams. We provide many IELTS exercises to our students to practice daily and achieve command over different aspects of the English language.

IELTS Preparation With Wings Education

At Wings Education, we aim for our students to pass their IELTS exams on the first attempt. So, we work hard with each of our students to understand the test subject perfectly, prepare them well and pass the exam with flying colours. Some specialties of our coaching are:

  • Free Demo Class

We know you have many questions regarding our faculties and coaching methodology before you plan to join us. That’s why we have to make arrangements for demo classes. Here, you can experience how our trainers will coach you, how our class set-up will be, what training tactics we apply, and many other things. Even before enrolling with us, you can get a glimpse of our teaching methodology. Hence, you can contact us to register for the free demo class. 

  • Online and Offline Classes

We offer offline and online IELTS Darwin training. If you want to join a coaching centre for your IELTS preparation but can’t attend the regular classes because of your busy schedule, we have online IELTS coaching for you. We can ensure that our online classes are as effective as regular classroom coaching through our rich success history.   

  • Personalised One-On-One Attention 

We aim to cater to the individual needs of all our students. Therefore, we conduct personal one-on-one sessions to give complete attention to each student. In this session, our attention remains on one student at a time. It allows us to know their areas of strengths and weaknesses and develop a personalised plan to teach them better. It will enable us to get you perfectly prepared for the IELTS.  

  • Regular Mock Tests

Our regular mock tests give you an idea of the actual exam scenario and help develop your confidence level. We share the results of each mock test and give feedback. The feedback helps you learn about the areas where you need improvement. We customise our teaching plan based on your requirement and assist you in working on areas in which you are lagging.    

  • Six Days A Week Availability

We give coaching six days a week. It allows our students to attend classes daily and complete their courses quickly. In addition, our trainers believe that the more you practice for the test, the better you will perform. So, we give six-day-a-week classes to make you work on your skills throughout the week and prepare better.

What Sets Us Apart?

Wings education is a reputed IELTS coaching centre for Darwin aspirants. We are a team of experienced trainers specialising in our respective English language areas. Therefore, we use our knowledge and expertise to provide unmatched support and guidance to each student enrolling with us.

We offer online and regular classroom coaching, depending upon your requirement. In addition, we ensure that our online classes are equally beneficial as our classroom classes and promise to prepare you confidently for the examinations. 

Moreover, our training modules are structured on the latest IELTS examination pattern, and they help you prepare better and score high. At Wings Education, we believe that making mistakes is a part of learning. So, we guide students at each stage of the learning process to improve their skills and bring the best in their potential. 

We take a regular mock test to evaluate their improvement and share the results with feedback. So, whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, we have everything for you. You will have to contact us to find out more.

Enrol With Us

We provide a wide range of IELTS coaching packages to suit your test preparation needs. Contact us to discuss this in detail and get a free demo class.

For more information on our methodologies and strategies, call us on 0492 947 890 . You can also fill out the contact form to inform us about your course requirement. Then, we will get back to you for a detailed discussion.